Let's set the scene for your own love story...

With my wedding venue guide I aim to make choosing your perfect wedding venue in Cyprus a little easier.



The budget for your wedding is something personal. Though boring as it may be, your budget will play a huge part in the wedding venues in Cyprus that will be viable for you. A luxurious hotel is likely to have menu prices and venue fees to match! That said, there are always ways we can customize your day to make sure we are spending money wisely. Just be realistic and go easy on yourself, there are wedding venues catering for couples with budgets of all sizes.

You might also find that you immediately fall in love with a venue. The views and the space it offers are perfect but then you see that the chairs and tables don’t go with your vision at all. Having a bespoke wedding planner though, means that we can rent all kinds of tables and chairs to give you the set up you desire. I’ll always let you know what chairs and tables come as standard so you can make the decision on this from the beginning.



Following on from your budget – which your guest list will impact by the way! - you need to have the conversation about who gets an invite. I’ve seen weddings of just the bride and groom all the way up to guest lists in to their hundreds. There really is no right or wrong! It’s all about the type of wedding you personally want. Maybe you want an intimate wedding venue in Cyprus for just your family? Perhaps you are dreaming of a lavish party with all your friends in a much larger space?

Some venues have minimum numbers, so they won’t accept smaller parties or if they do, there’s often surcharges. Other venues just don’t have the physical capacity to accommodate larger weddings. If you give me an approx. number of guests at the beginning, I can suggest venues I know are suitable for your numbers.



This is a huge deciding factor to which venues I’ll offer you for your Cyprus wedding. Whatever style you’ve got in your mind for your wedding, I'll find a venue to match. However if you’re dreaming of listening to the waves over dinner, a countryside venue isn’t going to be ideal. We have wedding venues in Cyprus on the coast, set in sleepy mountain villages, in lush green hills and with panoramic sea views to die for.

Maybe you have a specific colour scheme in mind and want more of a blank canvas from your venue? Then you can really make it your own with flowers and décor when we design your bespoke wedding. Others might be dreaming of a venue so naturally beautiful, that décor will only enhance it and isn’t something to be relied upon to bring the wow factor. Close your eyes and tell me what you see when you picture you and your loved one on your wedding day!




Having a wedding in Cyprus doesn’t mean you can’t honour your faith or wishes when it comes to the type of ceremony you have. We can offer civil ceremonies as well as Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox. Each Church has its own guidelines for where the ceremony can take place. Some venues have pretty little chapels in their grounds to accommodate a religious service. Other priests are happy to conduct religious services outside of the Church, too. On the same hand, religious wedding venues might dictate a religious service so keep in mind the vows you’d like to exchange while searching for your wedding venue in Cyprus.


Cyprus has up to 340 days of sun every year, perfect for al fresco nuptials! Our summers can go on well in to November and temperatures start hotting up in April, so you have a lot of choice on the best time to visit. Do you need to be mindful of school holidays if you’ve got a lot of children or teachers on the guest list? Maybe your guests are all older and you can make the most of off season prices and cooler temperatures? Wedding venues often have indoor back ups in the case of rain or bad weather, so make sure you check you’re happy with the alternative. It’s rare we get rained off, but always be prepared!

July and August can see temperatures and humidity soar, so consider a later ceremony time to make it more pleasant for everyone. Also think about shade, sitting down to your reception in direct sunlight will be almost impossible for you and your guests. Not to mention candles will warp, cakes will melt and it’s less than ideal for beautiful photos.



Some people have been visiting parts of the island for holidays year on year and wouldn’t think of going somewhere new for the wedding. Others want to explore a hidden area and show their guests a really different side to Cyprus. If there’s a region you want to be in, let me know to show you the best in that area. Remember, you don’t have to marry in your hotel either. You can book the perfect hotel for your wedding holiday and honeymoon and still have an independent wedding venue. Whether you opt for a religious ceremony at a Church or a ceremony on a secluded beach, it’s easy for me to arrange transport to take you in comfort and style on to your reception venue, to continue your special day.

There are venues that offer over night accommodation, so mix it up and treat yourselves to a wedding night to remember! If you do want to marry in a hotel venue, keep in mind they might have residential requirements or minimum night stays in place.