'Love is the flower you've got to let grow.'

John Lennon

Whether you don't know your hyacinths from your hydrangeas or you're a green fingered goddess; flowers are a central part of any wedding. Fragrance, texture, colour, shape and symbolism all have a part to play when you're considering blooms that will help to pull off a fabulous floral design. Here you will find inspiration and advice for the perfect wedding flowers in Cyprus.

Flowers and decorations will take up a considerable chunk of your Cyprus wedding budget, but that doesn't mean a beautiful look has to cost the earth. A good florist will be able to design around your budget but it's important to be honest with them and yourselves what that budget might be. As your wedding planner I'll help to focus your ideas and determine a reasonable budget for wedding flowers that will give you stunning and achievable wedding decoration. We can look at the flowers you'll need in easy, manageable sections, to make sure nothing is missed and that everything is beautifully coordinated throughout.

The Bridal Party

We have our Greek neighbours to thank for the tradition of male buttonholes. In ancient times grooms would wear small bunches of flowers mixed with herbs close to their hearts to ward off evil spirits. England adopted the buttonhole in Medieval times when knights would wear their lady's colours upon their chest to show their love and commitment. As a minimum, I'd recommend three buttonholes: groom, best man and father of the bride. Some people choose to have groomsmen, ushers and close family members such as brothers or grandfathers wearing buttonholes too.

Corsages on the wrist or chest are a lovely way to recognise female members of your bridal party like mothers, sisters or grandmothers. Wrist corsages are a modern alternative to bouquets, ideal for teenage and adult bridesmaids. Just consider the fabric and neckline of dresses if you wanted a pinned corsage on the chest as off the shoulder dresses or delicate silk don't quite agree with your plans.

Flowers girls might look cute, but giving a three year old a bulky bouquet is hardly ever a success. (Trust me, I'm a wedding planner!) Flower crowns, single stem wands or petal baskets are a much better alternative. They will still feel like they're part of the days proceedings as well as fitting in with the rest of your bridal party. Buttonholes can be made from mini roses and fashioned on safety pins for the page boys, too.

Bridal Bouquet

Ever thought a florist would be asking for your dress size or height? There's nothing untoward, we just want to make sure your bouquet is the perfect size for you; something that will look great in every photo as well as being easy to handle on the day. As your planner, it's my job to consider all these things for you when we discuss wedding flowers in Cyprus, which otherwise could be overlooked. Long, exposed stems can be pulled off by a tall bride whereas a shorter bride might want to think of a smaller tear drop style. The options really are endless...

My highly recommended florist works with only the finest fresh flowers available. Cheaper alternatives may come with no scent at all and their durability might not be high enough to withstand Cyprus peak temperatures. Flowing ribbons from the stems of your bouquet can add another texture to your overall bridal look and as a sweet nod to partnership, we can add an element from your bouquet to your grooms buttonhole.


The Reception - Not Just Centerpieces

Your venue will heavily impact the style of flowers and decor you’ll have for your wedding breakfast and party. Most venues in Cyprus are outdoors, however that doesn’t mean they are all the same. Are you having round or long tables for your guests? Will you be seated at a traditional top table or opt for a sweetheart table? The sweetheart table is such a romantic touch, one of my favourites and definitely an amazing photo op. Just like with your ceremony chairs, it’s important to know what tables and chairs your venue supplies for the reception so you can decide again if you want to hire alternatives.

Traditionally weddings were white tables decorated with a single arrangement in the centre. Nowadays, I find that couples are paying more attention to the overall vibe of their reception setting. The texture of a table cloth or the fold of a napkin, the colour of the cutlery or the height of the flowers all have an impact on the wow factor when the guests enter your perfectly design wedding breakfast. Not everything needs to break the bank, however and we can use the venues standard items as a base and add a touch here or there: Take a round table to the next level with coloured cloths or napkins. This small touch can really lift your whole dining space!

Antique style blue and white china can be used for an 'at home' dining experience or food served on stone tableware will give a cosmopolitan restaurant vibe. Keep things clean and crisp with highly polished silverware and glimmering glass charger plates or go for contrast with black crockery upon pink linen! At Weddings by Elizabeth Anne we can design your whole wedding theme, from rental items, fresh flowers, confetti, stationery, printing and lighting.


From the Florist

Set your budget for your wedding flowers in Cyprus and be realistic with it. Florals are quite pricey and not only because of the cost of the actual flowers but also because of all the time and artistry that goes into creating them.Let your florist know your budget and take their advice on how to make the most out of it.

If you are on a budget avoid having too many small things but go for one main item that will have the wow factor. This could be an arch, a ceiling or wall decoration or a stunning sweetheart top table. Small things tend to get lost easily while one statement piece will draw the attention of your guests.

Go seasonal. Although most of the flowers are available all year round nowadays, choosing a bloom in its season means that it will be cheaper, bigger and last longer. If you are looking for peonies in October be prepared to pay much more for them than their normal price and you run the risk they might never open up.

Don’t underestimate greens and foliage. They can make just as much of an impact but don't be fooled in to thinking it's a cheap alternative. Certain greens can be pricey too and there is still the labor and art involved in green arrangements too.

When choosing style, colors or a theme keep your venue in mind and the season of the wedding. If for example you choose a rustic venue it’s better if you don’t go with modern florals and if your wedding is in November you better re-think the summery color scheme you like.

Also pay attention to the details that compliment the florals as this will enhance the style and theme you've chosen. Candles, stationery, linens, furniture, table ware etc. are details that will take your set up to the next level. Small things make a big impact!

The Bouquet Toss

It was once considered extremely lucky to touch a bride on her wedding day and crowds would form around her, even trying to tear parts of her dress off as keepsakes! Brides began throwing their bouquets to distract these crowds, while the newlyweds made their exit.