'Let them eat cake.'


Even those brides without a sweet tooth find themselves booking a wedding cake. It’s about so much more than something to eat. The tradition of a wedding cake can be traced back to Roman times, so it would be rude to ignore it now!

Think about the overall theme of your Cyprus wedding and how you want your cake to fit in, if you’re in glamorous surroundings you’ll need a cake to not only reflect that but to stand out. If you’re outdoors there's also practical elements to consider; buttercream was not made to withstand 40 degrees! The tradition of having a cake at a wedding might be ancient: the design doesn’t need to be though! In the past years we’ve seen an explosion in alternative cakes, from cupcakes and macaroons to donuts and cheese stacks. If you’re a sweet tooth (hey, kindred spirit!) you might think it’s impossible to choose just one flavour or design for your wedding cake in Cyprus, that’s where whole cake or candy tables come in. Why not make it in to a feature sure to be remembered and appreciated by guests?

Try before you buy!

When thinking of design there are so many options and trends change every year! Think of the trends as more of an enhancement to your wedding cake in Cyprus, rather than the main feature. For example, adorn a cake with macaroons or have donuts stacked under a top tier for cutting. Don't forget the topper, either! Perhaps you would like to cover your cake in fresh blooms to match your bouquet or go down the personalised route with a laser cut topper.

Size does matter!

Smaller weddings or elopements needn't miss out on their sugar high! Single tier cakes can be just as beautiful as towering multi tiered creations and a well coordinated cake stand can elevate your cake. We've also seen double height tiers becoming more popular, still all the height for the wow factor and less waste! How many portions you'll need depends on how you'd like to serve your cake. If you're serving it as another course to dinner, perhaps with coffee, you'll need to make sure thee is enough for everyone! If you're serving it later in the evening on platters or buffet style, not everyone will dig in so you can budget for slightly less.

Year old cake?

Yes, back in the 19th century couples started to save the first tier of their wedding cake to be eaten at the Christening of their first child. Today, couples often share a bite on their first wedding anniversary.