Do you love it or hate it? Whichever camp you're in, Valentine's is upon us again and luckily we are not in a lockdown! So take a look at these ideas which are for all couples, wherever you are in your relationship and whatever your stance on February 14th. Enjoy the celebrations (or lack of!)



Relive that newly wed feeling by having a private viewing of your wedding film. When was the last time you really watched it, all the way through and without family or friends? Appreciate what you have accomplished and marvel at all the things still to come for you. You can also take another trip down memory lane by trying to create the meal from your wedding day at home! This will be a valentine’s so personal and special, it will be hard to beat! Who knows, maybe it will be a yearly event.



So you might want a break from wedding planning and just get back to being a couple in love. Well I have something that is definitely not wedmin but will reignite your excitement for the big day and your closeness with each other. Have a night in, turn the speakers up and pick your favourite music to start making your reception playlist. Sing to each other, dance with each other, take note of the feelings that come over you when you hear certain songs. It will be such a special feeling when you’re on the floor as newlyweds, and memories from that valentine’s night come flooding back. For bonus points, you can even practice your first dance.



I have a lot of respect for couples that do long distance! And if you’re apart this valentines why not celebrate a galentines with your bridal squad? Get the girls together and plan the ultimate girls night or weekend. Celebrate your love for your girls, you’ll have so many more valentines to come with your loved one. You could even double it up as a hen party. Guys, same goes! Get the boys round and plan the stag do! You can always have a face time session with your beau, too. Want some brownie points? Send your loved one something to let them know you’re thinking of them.



Wherever you are in your journey together, you can start a couple’s bucket list. Where you are in your relationship will define what goes on your list, but dreaming is always allowed! When you’re feeling romantic on Valentine’s it’s the perfect time to think about the future with this special person in your life, so let your hearts run wild and create a list to last a lifetime. Engaged couples might like to add some dream honeymoon destinations to the list, married couples can think about their forever homes or long term projects like starting your own garden together. Everyone likes achievable bucket list classic like learning a new hobby together or visiting new places and making joint memories.



Group valentines: hear me out! Celebrate with everyone you love. Get all your friends together - couples and singles - and throw a dinner party. Take this opportunity to reconnect with those closest to you in your life. It doesn’t need to be all romance and champagne, have extra fun with a theme night, such as doing tapas or a Mexican dinner. Everyone will get involved in the prep and serving of the food for a night to remember amongst friends.



Book that fancy restaurant and take your other half out for a nice dinner. Dress up and get ready for a night out just the two of you. Stop there though! Why not start the evening with cocktails and nibbles in a new place? Or perhaps after dinner, pop in to that bistro on the way home for coffee and dessert? This way you get to extend the experience and make new memories, that will be far from the cliché. Want to buy flowers? Step away from the red roses and go for an exotic and sensual red orchid. It will last longer than roses and it is the ultimate symbol for femininity.



Do something you’ve been putting off! Whether it’s some admin or DIY, set the time aside to accomplish something that’s long over due. You can each do your own thing, while still in each others company, and there doesn’t need to be a red rose in sight! Sick of the sight of loved up couples and restaurants advertising menus for two to share… host an anti valentines! Unplug from social media, order your favourite takeaway and settle in for a night on the sofa. Alternatively, head out of town and in to the countryside where all hints of Valentines will be left far behind.

Are you reading this after a Valentine's proposal or perhaps you've been engaged a while and think now is the right time to start wedding planning? Well, amazing! I'd love to hear from you to start this wonderful journey together; what better time to cash in on all the love going around?