Rustic weddings have been on trend for many years now and they show no sign of falling out of style. Rustic can mean many things to different people, so how do you know if a rustic wedding in Cyprus is right for you? We’ll also look at how to style a rustic wedding for that perfect finish.


Set the scene with your rustic wedding venue in Cyprus.

Generally rustic venues are more rural and set slightly further away from the coast, in quiet, quaint village settings. If you want a true, rustic wedding in Cyprus, embrace the country side setting of some of our stunning and traditional wedding venues. Your photos will still have stunning backdrops as our countryside is really unspoiled. We can also arrange a post wedding shoot at sunset on the beach for those iconic coastal shots.

If you want something unique for your wedding in Cyprus, looking in off the beaten track locations is definitely the way to go. You’ll discover wineries, village taverns and quaint chapels all available to you which naturally lend themselves to a rustic wedding.

Planner's favourites:

Ultimate rustic - Vasilias

Mountain hideaway - Apokryfo

Rustic with a twist - Minthis

For sea views - Liopetro

apokryfo weddings in cyprus
village wedding venue
Amazing table setup at Cap St Georges


How to infuse the rustic theme in to your day

A rustic wedding can be the perfect solution if you don’t want to have or spend money on lots of florals. Gypsofilia (or baby’s breath) is your best friend when planning a lower cost rustic wedding in Cyprus. Think mason jars, wood slices and loose greens for a clean yet pretty wedding look.

If you want a rustic luxe feel, we can incorporate florals and also bring in extra items that will add to the over all feel of your day. Large, exposed wood tables, cross back chairs and festoon lighting can dramatically change the atmosphere of your reception for a luxe feel with rustic tones.

Rustic and boho themes often overlap, and we can incorporate pampas, dried flowers and herbs for a rustic meets boho wedding feel, too. Macrame has been popular in our homes for a while, but it can also be used in a wedding for earthy, natural styling.

bespoke wedding decoration cyprus
bespoke wedding decoration cyprus



wedding dinner at vasilias
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Add extra elements to your rustic day for true authenticity!

cyprus wedding music

Take your rustic wedding in Cyprus to the next level and embrace traditional elements for an authentic rustic experience. You can book a musical duo to entertain your guests, with mainstream music and also some local instruments or Greek songs combined. The Cyprus dancers also go down a treat with your guests, letting them celebrate your wedding and taking part in something local and fun.

Serve a traditional Cypriot meze meal for your reception and watch as the table becomes adorned with an array of plates, clay pots and jugs of wine! Treat your guests to a true feast and sample some local delights.

If you don't want to overwhelm your wedding with Cypriot flare, small and delicate favours of a local olive oil or honey are very apt, rustic favours for your guests. They fit well on your table scape and give a subtle nod to the island's culture; the perfect take away from your rustic wedding in Cyprus.

Ready to go rustic?