From our first conversation together I think it will become clear that I live for the fairytales in life; the happy tears, the romantic endings, that’s where my mind is most of the time! As well as being someone with heart, with a true passion, I also pride myself in being a professional wedding planner in Cyprus, meaning you have a person with that well balanced combination of aesthetics and logistics to plan alongside.

Born and raised in Stratford upon Avon, I developed a love for the arts early on, a passion which has stayed with me and continues to thrive. Hospitality is the only trade I’ve known and loved and I have been privileged enough to gain vital experience in some of the finest local establishments. Another passion of mine - travel- led me to Cyprus where my love for art and weddings found me in a delicious world ruled by florists, photographers and brides.

My hospitality and events experience from the UK gives me a relatable edge as a professional wedding planner in Cyprus. This paired with my thirst for knowledge and culture which found me quickly immersed in Cypriot life, will leave you feeling in capable hands with a discerning and professional wedding planner in Cyprus by your side.

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I share my clients desire for effortless elegance, for a beautiful celebration that will be relived by you and your loved ones for generations. Together we can relate in our passion for an exquisitely laid table adorned with fragrant and deliciously abundant blooms, a love for all things cake, and an appreciation for life's small luxuries.

The traditions present today hold a special place in all our hearts and the day would feel incomplete without them. However, with a professional wedding planner there are ways we can revive traditions so they no longer feel outdated, but relevant to your marriage story. Make art out of life; blend the new with the old.

As hospitality is ingrained within me, I will take the comfort and enjoyment of your guests personally. From impeccable cuisine to fine wines, music to dance the night away to and sympathetic nods to heritage, the guest experience will be second to none.

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Love note

Elizabeth helped us plan the most perfect day. Not only is Elizabeth a wonderful person who we have remained friends with, she really made our elopement so easy for us and had so many wonderful suggestions. Everything from the flowers, to the candles, the decor, the view and the food were beyond beautiful.

We are so thankful to Elizabeth for going above and beyond for our special day. Highly recommended!!

Hayley and Ryan