The best relationships start off as a friendship first, and Phil and Laura are certainly no exception! After four years as family friends they took the next step and became a couple very much in love and on a path of happiness together, leading to their emotional nuptials at Paphos’ premier hotel venue, the Elysium.

With the custom made engagement ring firmly on Laura’s finger, the search for a destination began in the Caribbean, however home turf won and Phil and Laura were to play host to their friends and family on the wonderful island we call home. With high quality food, sun nearly year round and widely spoken English meaning its easy to communicate your dreams and desires, it was a great choice for guests living locally and those in the UK. A wedding in Paphos it was...

So many people consider Cyprus their dream destination to get married

The Elysium offered everything they were looking for in terms of the perfect Paphos wedding venue: views over the Mediterranean, traditional Cypriot olive trees, top quality service, food and drink and just the right luxury feel. Living on the island meant they could arrange visits to venues and suppliers and take quite a hands on approach; having a wedding planner in Cyprus helped them feel relaxed and supported through the whole process. Colour played an important role in the styling of the day and a palette containing fuchsia, cornflower blue and purple was opted for, meaning the different shades would be bright yet elegant, standing out in the photographs and taking a step away from the traditional, paler colours that didn’t appeal to Laura’s taste.

Philip even wore a pink suit!

The guests were encouraged to sit together and not take sides, another break away from tradition but one that was accommodated in the Amphitheatre ceremony venue perfectly.

Laura walked the aisle shortly before sunset on the beautiful November’s afternoon where Philip was waiting, dry eyed for all of a moment! The gentle breeze, fresh blooms and soul touching notes of the sax made for a stunning ceremony joining these two souls together for ever, naturally where they should be. After the confetti had landed, the G&Ts flowed! The Gin & Mojito bar was a bespoke touch we organised to reflect the couples love of Gin and it’s safe to say it was a well enjoyed feature by all.

Dinner was also served to a tailored menu, allowing the couple to enjoy their favourite meals and cuisines on their special day while also taking in to account some guest dietary requirements. Being so many years in Cyprus and well accustomed to the local kitchen, they didn’t feel the need to serve local food, and opted for a top quality, international spread of the finest dishes.

A small homage was paid to Cypriot wedding custom as Laura handpicked the ‘loukoumia’ that were given as favours. Updated with a delicious twist to include chocolate and marzipan the gold wrapped treats completed the glistening table scape. Miniature prosecco bottles also adorned the place settings and doubled up as name cards, another personalised and innovative touch to update the traditional necessities of a wedding.

Having both grown up in Cyprus, it was also important to include a small bit of the traditional on our wedding day.

If it isn’t obvious by now, this couple are very much in to the ‘old meets new’ and the cake was designed to embody this sentiment, compromising of chocolate & passion fruit, victoria sponge and fruit cake layers! After the cake had been cut, champagne sipped and appetites satiated, the party could begin, but not without a surprise! Their parents had managed to sneak past the couples organised gaze some amazing party poppers and unleashed them during the first dance! A perfect touch to bring everyone together in smiles and celebration at this Paphos wedding.


Go with trusted, reputable suppliers. We went with one of the best florists. Yes it may have cost a little more but the end result was of superior quality (compared to what I’ve seen at other weddings – you don’t want droopy flowers mid-ceremony)!

Make sure you have hair and make up trials! Write down the exact products and colours used so it can be replicated exactly on the day. Having trials also made me realise what I didn’t want.









In Cyprus your wedding dreams and ideals ARE achievable, especially if you have the right wedding planner!

P&L xxx