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Big things often have small beginnings.

Destination weddings have often been a way to generally trim guest lists and surround yourselves with those most important to you. Recently micro weddings have seen a huge surge in popularity at home and abroad. A lot of couples are now questioning if the huge expense of a traditional wedding is really worth it. You may even have joked with your partner about ‘just running away'. However there’s a way to make your wedding more meaningful and budget conscious while not ridding yourself of your special day: a micro wedding in Cyprus.

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So what is a micro wedding?

So what is a micro wedding you might ask? It’s an intimate affair, typically up to 20 guests which allows you to really make it about you. Above all, your love story and your nearest and dearest are what matters. There’s all the age old traditions and the timeline still follows that of a regular wedding, just on a much smaller scale. With a micro wedding in Cyprus you may want to consider multiple events to mark the occasion. A welcome party for example when everyone has arrived in resort or a post wedding brunch would be ideal. You’ve got the people who mean the most to you around you in a wonderful location, so make the most of this rare occasion and spend some serious quality time together.

A micro wedding in Cyprus will reduce your spend considerably, as you don’t have so many mouths to feed. There is no reason why a micro wedding needs to become a budget wedding, though. You can still use your full wedding budget but just allocate it to things that make a difference to you. Maybe you can splurge on that photographer you’ve been following on Instagram or you can adorn your table with your favourite fresh blooms.

Covid conscious & eco friendly

You will find yourself making a lot more of the time on the day with a micro wedding in Cyprus. Having less guests to mingle with means you can have meaningful conversations with everyone who has made the trip. You can relax a little more during your photo session, rather than worrying about rushing back to your guests, too. Your photos and memories will be all the more precious to you this way.

Couples who have the environment at heart are also leaning towards micro weddings as they tend to carry a smaller carbon footprint. If you’re looking for a sustainable wedding option, going micro will be perfect for you, too. Large buffet spreads with lots of food waste are replaced with smaller ala carte or sharing options and less transport is required. This is always something eco conscious couples have in mind for a destination wedding. You’re using less resources in general, from stationery to florals, so a micro wedding is green without even trying.

Covid has had a part to play in the rise in popularity of micro weddings, with travel restrictions and maximum number policies being important things to have in mind now. However a micro wedding actually gives us more flexibility in the way we approach these restrictions. Want to have your ceremony socially distanced? We can have gorgeous mix and match seating per family or couple.

Micro Wedding Venue in Cyprus


This is a one of a kind, beautiful venue that is a new comer on the Paphos wedding scene. Furthermore, it is steadily building a reputation as one of the most unique and attentive venues in the area, and for good reason. The owners have invested so much of their own vision and passion to transform this area in to a venue for exceptional celebrations of love. Micro weddings and elopements especially will benefit from the exclusivity and seclusion of this venue as well as the range of home grown meal options.

- Available for ceremony or dinner, giving you full flexibility over your day

- Range of chairs, tables and floor plans available so you can set and space your day as you wish

- Stunning seclusion and amazing sun sets. Ideal for an intimate and show stopping just married photo shoot

- .Packages specially designed for smaller wedding parties. Vital so you don't pay over the odds for having a streamlined celebration


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