Both living in London, the love story of George & Mia has contemporary, cosy beginnings, stemming from a first date in Starbucks. Their journey soon took an international path with a stunning proposal in Naples.

Combining the celebrations for George's 30th birthday, gorgeous Naples was the perfect back drop to ask the big question. Overlooking the sea, from a beautiful park George had found the ideal moment, and despite an ill timed joke on Mia's part, congratulations were in order! A little humour and an inside joke just adds another, intimate element to their tale.

Choosing Cyprus as their wedding destination was easy, both having parents from the island and visiting yearly it holds a special place in both their hearts and offers the ideal setting for their romantic Cypriot wedding with traditional elements. I had the pleasure to work with them and their families to create this perfect day and continue their love story.

We wanted the ‘Greek’ to come out especially with the location and the music.

The grand surroundings of the Elysium hotel and the charm of the Orthodox church suited the elegant mint green theme seen in the flowers and bridal party clothes. The beauty of both the hotel and the church also meant they didn’t need to compensate with huge amounts of decoration and gorgeous fresh blooms adorned the ceremony and reception.

We loved the whole day. A bit cliche, but true!

The day was long, starting with the evocative notes of the bouzouki and violin at the traditional zosmata, the ceremonies preparing the bride and groom for marriage, but this still didn’t stop them partying until the early hours! As George and his parents waited eagerly at the church, Mia and her father arrived in a stylish, cream bridal car and the ceremony could begin. After the sacred rituals of the Orthodox ceremony were complete, man and wife emerged, beaming, in to the afternoon sunshine and handfuls of wild confetti. Awaiting them was a serene afternoon on the terrace overlooking the ocean, where they were showered with well wishes and captured romantically during their couples photo shoot.

Food was a top priority for the couple and having a lot of Cypriot guests it was important not to disappoint them in quantity or quality. The buffet was incredibly presented and delicious; giving everyone enough energy for the party. As well as the gorgeous mint green styling, there was another theme present during this wedding: dogs! Mia’s passion as a veterinarian and the couples joint love for all things canine added such a personal and unique touch to the reception. In keeping with more of the locals traditions, the favours for each guest were tasty pastichia, a delectable, soft almond, Cypriot wedding cookie.

There was actually no stress during the day, we were able to enjoy the whole thing.

Overall this was a wedding celebrating not only the love of two people but also celebrating and honouring the age old traditions that make a Cypriot wedding so meaningful. With hints of personality and modernity they were also able to have the classic white wedding vibes at their romantic nuptials in Cyprus.


I had fake flowers in my bouquet and for the bridesmaids, no body could tell the difference! They don't wilt in the heat and as long as they're high quality they look as good as the real thing. They don't die and you get to keep them forever.

Hire a great wedding planner in Cyprus, you! Don't get caught up on the small things, because it will all work out on the end. There was no stress during the day so we were able to enjoy the whole thing.

Remember the heat. George's best men remind him very often that he made them wear a three piece suit in 40 degrees! They look great in the photos however you have to think about comfort and practicality, too.





We are forever grateful to you for making our wedding day so lovely! G&M