How can you create a high class, luxury wedding in Cyprus that will wow your guests and tell your love story in an impactful way? Find out here what will effect the overall atmosphere of your celebration to make it glamourous, luxurious and romantic.



The luxury experience begins from the moment you send your save the dates. For your luxury wedding in Cyprus, consistency is key. Everything relating your wedding needs to be of the same high standard, so make sure you think about all of your stationery when ordering your save the dates and invites. Go for a luxurious textured card or a modern yet elegant transparent feel with a calligraphic font. This invite is your guests first glimpse in to your high class celebrations, make sure it leaves a lasting impression and has your guests wanting more!

On your invites, a mention of the dress code is necessary. A luxury wedding isn’t complete without it’s own dress code after all. Ensuring everyone is dressed accordingly will instantly add to the glamour on the day, and your pictures will ooze luxury too. A dress code can be black tie, or cocktail dress, or it can even be a colour theme.



It goes without saying that a luxury wedding in Cyprus needs an impressive venue. The luxurious build up needs to cumulate in a space with a serious wow factor. Indoor venues should have lofty ceilings to turn heads and outdoor venues should have an entrance with curb appeal.

Alternative venues also let your guests know that the events about to unfold will be anything then ordinary. Consider galleries on wineries for a venue with a luxurious edge. There are many hotels that offer stunning venues within them and not all hotels are all inclusive resorts, so they do have a calm and elegant vibe.



Your ceremony is actually the reason people are here and that this whole luxury wedding day is happening. It’s the two of you declaring your love for one another, so don’t skip over this part. Ensure the ceremony is meaningful and personalised, not just a formality. Have live musicians or singers to provide the entertainment during this phase of the day. They’ll add romance and engage another sense for your guests. The colour palette for a luxury ceremony needs to be consistent. For an air of sophistication all components should match and complement each other perfectly, so select your colour and stick with it.



The breath-taking ceremony has come to an end and you’ve indulged in some once in a lifetime photo opportunities. Lead your guests in to the next part of your luxury wedding in Cyprus and prepare them for yet another tantalising experience. They need to know they are not sitting down to any other wedding breakfast. They need to know the luxury continues and how you do that is with place setting that are textured and rich.

Pay attention to the crockery, cutlery, glass ware and linen. It should all reflect the theme of your wedding day and come together seamlessly for a next level dining experience. This will all be complementing your centrepieces, but a luxury wedding is about so much more than centrepieces. You need one off installations, creating decorative focal points at the reception. Consider a hanging floral installation, an elevated sweetheart table or a backdrop with fresh florals and neon signs.



The entertainment should begin from the moment the guests arrive, to keep them surprised and stimulated all day. Entertainment doesn’t always mean music either. On arrival, provide a Pimp your Prosecco station for guests to mingle and interact while marveling at your style and hospitality. Later, consider taking your favours to the next level with a caricaturist, painting live on the spot.

Also, it doesn’t end when the party starts. During the evening have a ladies lounge with champagne on ice where the girls can rest their feet, touch up the make up and take a selfie. Get the guys together with a cigar and whisky bar, these touches add yet another element to this luxury experience. For an extra memorable experience, ensure your music choices reflect your guests' tastes. For example, do your parents love a swing band? Or perhaps your friends have the best memories with an Ibiza sax?

Luxury is getting exactly what you want, when you want it, before you've even asked.

The sky is the limit when it comes to your luxury wedding in Cyprus. We can go as lavish as you like, leaving no aspect unadorned! This celebration will be so lush and so meaningful your guests will be talking about if for years to come. I hope this has given you some ideas on how to add some WOW factor and stylish elements to your day. I’d love to discuss further if you wanted to get in touch about your luxury celebration.