Who would have thought we’d still be living through lockdown almost one year later? Well make the most of this extra time together with these lockdown Valentine's Day ideas and celebrate it in romantic and creative way.

Bring a little romance and warmth to a winters evening with these lockdown Valentine's Day ideas. Currently in Cyprus, as I'm writing this, we have a mix of blazing winter sun and strong storms! So cosy up with your loved one and make the most of extra time together during the pandemic. Perhaps you'll choose a wedding planning related task or you might opt for a night you wouldn't usually go for. If you'd like any extra help, tips or advice for planning the perfect lockdown Valentine's Day (or indeed your wedding!) feel free to get in touch. Wishing you all a very happy February 14th.



Spend this lockdown Valentine's day planning your dream honeymoon. Compare ideas, research those far off isles and make a to do list. This could be a welcome break from wedding planning or a good excuse to do something you’ve been putting off. Add in some Valentine themed snacks and some wine for a romantic planning session. Despite the pandemic, many people are booking trips and taking advantage of the safe booking promises from travel agents. Many countries, including Cyprus, are making international travel easier, too, so get excited about travel again!



Writing your own vows is a great way to extend a short civil ceremony and add some personality and emotion. If you’re having cinematography, these will feature as a lovely highlight in the film, too. Sit down together and write what you feel! It’s a practical wedding task but done together on a lockdown Valentine's day makes it feel special. When you’re reading them, you’ll remember the night you wrote them. Check out this amazing video for some inspiration.



What’s your favourite restaurant that you’d take your partner to if you could? Re create the atmosphere and cuisine at home! Spend the day finding the recipes and ingredients and then get creative in the kitchen together to make each other’s favourite dish. Dress up as if you were going out for bonus points, it is still Valentine's after all! Perhaps you could think about your wedding menu; are the dishes you're going to be cooking something you'd like to enjoy on your wedding day?



Get in touch with your playful side and childhood memories. Do you love to snuggle up with a hot chocolate and watch a movie you’ve seen a hundred times? Take this to the next level for this lockdown Valentine's Day idea and transform your living room with fairy lights and blankets and a creative hot chocolate station. Bake some love heart cookies or write your lover a valentine like you did in school! Take this day to have fun in your relationship.



Indulge in a sophisticated evening and prepare a gourmet cheese board to share with your fiancé/e. Pair it with a fine wine and take this opportunity to really re connect. Talk, share, touch… have an ‘adult’ evening and remember why you fell in love. Perhaps push your boundaries and listen to some classical music or watch an old movie, maybe you’ll discover something new you and your partner can enjoy! As we are still in the midst of a pandemic, support some of the amazing local and artisan suppliers we have both in the UK and Cyprus doing home deliveries.

Are you reading this after a Valentine's proposal or perhaps you've been engaged a while and think now is the right time to start wedding planning? Well, amazing! I'd love to hear from you to start this wonderful journey together; what better time to cash in on all the love going around?