How can you create a relaxed and informal wedding in Cyprus while still making it romantic and meaningful? Find out here what will impact the overall atmosphere of your celebration.

Many people consider a destination wedding as a way of escaping some of the formalities and traditions expected from them at a conventional wedding. Hosting a relaxed and informal wedding in Cyprus is the perfect answer if you want to have a celebration of your love without so much formality. So how do you plan an informal wedding and still make it romantic and memorable? See ways to have a relaxed, stress free wedding in Cyprus here.


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A church then a function room in a hotel, how many people want to escape this ‘norm’?! In Cyprus we have so many wonderful locations and also the flexibility to combine locations. Want a pretty Greek style chapel but then the reception in a sleek ocean view venue? It’s possible! We also have quirky venues such as wineries, yachts or boutique inns. When your guests arrive at your informal wedding in Cyprus in one of these venues all the traditional expectations are left behind.



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Everyone’s been to a café that’s had served your food on mix and match, kitsch vintage china right? Remember how you exclaimed how cute it was? Well why not bring this casual table feeling to your informal wedding in Cyprus? There’s no need to have plain white crockery or even have everyone’s place set identically! We can experiment with alternating napkin colours, mis-matched wine glasses and vibrant stationery. The same applies for your seating, why not offer a range of seating options at your ceremony? You can have benches, arm chairs and stylish chaise longue.



If your tables are adorned with exquisitely arranged, towering flowers, the overall atmosphere is going to be a formal one. So how do you keep the wedding vibe without ending up with a super posh affair? Greenery is natural and wild, it doesn’t conform to rigid arrangements and will give a loose yet lush feel to your tables and decorations. Still feel like you’d love to see fresh blooms on your big day? Choose an unusual flower with a bold colour palette to bring a vibrant and playful feel to your setting. Your informal wedding in Cyprus can be beautifully adorned yet still offering a relaxed atmosphere.



Welcome people in and set the tone with a pre ceremony drinks reception. Serve the drinks on stations or theme bars, rather than have them waiting for the servers to come round. With everyone mingling and chatting and helping themselves to a beverage, they’ll feel suitably welcomed and instantly at ease. It also doubles as an ice breaker in case there’s people meeting each other for the first time at your informal soiree. Pimp my Prosecco stations paved their way for a whole host of other DIY bars and stations, not only are they tasty, but they look exquisite for you photographs and serve as a brilliant talking point.



Serve your guests something they will definitely not be expecting at your informal wedding; give them something they can’t wait to eat! The Cypriot meze offers a huge selection of different, hearty foods which would go down a treat and would offer your guests an insight in to the delicious Cypriot cuisine. If you really want to break with tradition for your informal wedding in Cyprus, we can offer a range of live cooking stations, carnival style, with firm family favourite like crepes, hot dogs and popcorn bars.

Your wedding in Cyprus can be as formal or as informal as you like, however if you want to break from stiff traditions I hope this has given you some ideas on how to add some unique and fun elements to your day. I’d love to discuss further if you wanted to get in touch about your informal wedding in Cyprus.