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'Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.'

Gloria Steinem

Do you want to have a Cyprus wedding but are unsure about hiring a wedding planner? Some people love organizing and have dreamt of planning their own wedding since they were little. Some budgets might not allow for a planner and if you have the time, why not put yourself to work on your biggest day? Here you’ll find the main points to cover and you should have a much better idea on how to plan a wedding in Cyprus.

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1. The paperwork

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To start with, let’s get the practicalities out the way. You’ll need to choose the type of ceremony you want to marry in. The most common is a civil ceremony, which is legally binding and for UK passport holders, fairly simple on the paperwork front. If you want to marry on home turf before you come to Cyprus, you can host a symbolic ceremony here, which really allows you to personalize the proceedings. Lastly, religious options are available too, both legal and symbolic for a number of faiths. Once you’ve decided it’s time to contact the relevant office to speak to them about what you’ll need to marry here, discuss costs and to book your date and time.

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2. Location, location, location

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The next step to plan your wedding in Cyprus is to find a venue to host your big day. We have so many options available to you, to suit almost any style and budget. Take a look here for some inspiration! Write up a list of questions to ask the venues you’re interested in to make sure they’re perfect for you. Start with the big things first, for example, inside or outdoors? Beach front or mountain village? Once you've got the basics, start searching for venues that match the criteria and contact only ones your shortlist. During lockdown, most places will have videos to show you or even offer video tours, so make sure you get as much info as you can before confirming.

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3. Suppliers

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After the venue is secured it’s time to explore the suppliers who will be part of your wedding. This will be anyone from cake makers and photographers to make up artists and DJs. To plan a wedding in Cyprus that represents you as a couple and gives you the overall look and feel you want, make a list of all suppliers you want to involve in your day and pay attention to them one by one. Think about your make up, for example. Do you want a glam or natural look? Deciding this first will help you narrow down the artists you’re going to be interested in. Approach each supplier in the same way and it will save you lots of time and avoid getting overwhelmed from looking at too much!

4. Styling

When you think about your wedding in Cyprus, chances are you’re imaging in what it looks like. How are the tables set? What colours are there? Are there pretty lights? Pinterest and Instagram are treasure troves when it comes to planning the aesthetic of your wedding and they’re great to show your suppliers, so they get a feel of the style you like. However! The shots on Instagram are often from events of the rich and famous so don’t get too carried away and don’t be disappointed if something is coming in over budget. Talk to your suppliers for suitable alternatives. Having selected your venue before approaching this stage will help you to plan a wedding in Cyprus as it often lends itself to certain styles of décor.

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5. On the day

So you're ready to put in all the hard work and know how to plan a wedding in Cyprus... on paper. What about on the day? You don’t want to be taking phone calls from suppliers when you’re trying to put your dress on. You can either hand over to a trusted family member or friend for the day, which can work well if the celebration is a smaller one. Alternatively, you can book a wedding planner for on the day coordination. This doesn't mean we will take over your day, the wedding will still be the one you have planned and imagined. During the final run up to the wedding we will go over all of your plans, take over communication with vendors and take everything off your hands. Then we'll be there to oversee all your plans falling perfectly in to place, leaving you to enjoy the benefits!

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Tailored to you.

On the day coordination

Allow me to take all the stress off your hands so you can simply relax and enjoy your happiest day.

Within the final three months of the wedding we'll finalise the schedule, contact vendors, organise the paperwork and make arrangements for your arrival in Cyprus.

I'll be there on the day to make sure you don't need to worry about a single thing.

If you're ready to begin the wedding planning journey, I wish you the best of luck! Planning your own wedding can be so rewarding, just remember to enjoy the process along the way.

If you feel you might want to explore the option of having a planner, for the duration or just on the day, I'd love to hear from you and together we can discuss how to plan a wedding in Cyprus.


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"There are dreamers and there are planners; the planners make their dreams come true"