'Love is infectious... but so is Covid-19'

We are by no means clear of Covid yet, but 18 months on we are coming to terms with living in a world ruled by a pandemic. Our work, school and social lives may have returned to a kind of normal, but what about the world of events? Specifically, how has covid changed weddings? Here is a run down of the things I’ve noticed when planning weddings during covid. They’re actually all positive changes, in my opinion! So how has covid changed weddings? For the better; with more meaningful and creative approaches. Let’s explore what options you have for your covid wedding.

Destination Weddings

Can’t get married at home? Don’t want to wait any more and can’t face the thought of another reschedule? Take things overseas! If you’re home country or region still has tight restrictions on mass gatherings or weddings and events in general, get your bridal party together for a destination experience! With pre departure tests and passenger locator forms, it’s a safe and practical option to make your wedding happen during the time of covid. Personally, a lot of brides I’ve spoken to lately have cancelled their weddings in the UK because of the uncertainty and are feeling safe and confident to book a wedding in Cyprus.

Guest Lists


The layouts of weddings have changed and the creative ones amongst us are rejoicing! No standing rules for cocktail receptions? Welcome cosy couches and coffee tables, oversized picnic cushions and wine bar-esq stools and high tables. We can now turn your cocktail reception in to an experience of it’s own with dedicated seating areas. We can also have family seating, with lots of smaller tables at the dinner, accommodating members of the same household. The lack of a dance floor doesn’t need to pose a problem either, let a jazz trio take center stage! All the guests can enjoy from the comfort of their own seats.

Time Line

One of the most vital things to change, is the time frame. Delivery times in bridal boutiques can be approaching the 12 month mark and with lots of postponements, venues and suppliers alike are getting booked up years sooner than they would normally. This has led to some couples allowing themselves more time to plan their wedding and it’s also led to better decision making. Found a photographer you love? Commit to them and lock them in for your date! People are also finding things have changed when booking annual leave from work, so are opting to give their guests more notice for the practicalities too.

Love isn't cancelled!