Frequently Asked Questions for your Wedding in Cyprus.


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I’m happy to chat away with you over a coffee to your hearts content, but some times you just want answers now! To try and answer some of the questions that might be on your lips about having a wedding planner in Cyprus, here’s a few of the ones I get asked the most.




Do you charge for a consultation?

Do I need a wedding planner in Cyprus if the venue will have a coordinator?

I never have and never will. I want this whole process to be stress free from the start and knowing the concerns a couple might have when planning a wedding in Cyprus, I want to remain as readily available as possible throughout.

It’s true that a venue coordinator and a wedding planner have many shared duties; and any good venue will have an in-house coordinator. Their tasks will include venue admin, staffing, service and food & beverage. A wedding planner will bring all aspects of your day together, blending together seamlessly the venue, menus, suppliers and aesthetics.

You can book a wedding planner before you’ve even looked at any venues and we can find the perfect location together. We’ll also discuss ideas and achieve a vision as well as overseeing the magic unfold on the day. Often venues have to deal with different clients and events, but as your wedding planner, you will be my only focus.


I'm not so creative and I don’t know what style I want my wedding in Cyprus to be, how will you help?

It can be daunting starting from the beginning and sometimes my couples have never even attended a wedding before! We’ll start from the basics, it’s all about getting to know you and how to represent you both in a way that everyone will appreciate and enjoy. We can draw inspiration from your daily lives, what’s your favourite restaurant for example or what’s the significance of where you got engaged? You’re always in control too, I’m here to offer ideas but you will have the final say.


Will you be there on the day?

Absolutely, I wouldn’t miss it. When planning a wedding in Cyprus with me, we’ll work together directly from start to finish. There's only one Elizabeth Anne...



What type of weddings do you do?

There are so many possibilities for the type of ceremony so you can find the perfect way to declare your love for one another. Choose from: civil, symbolic, renewal of vows, religious blessing, Anglican ceremony, Catholic ceremony and same sex celebrations.

I already know how I want my wedding to be, why is a planner in Cyprus beneficial?

Not many brides want to be carrying a clipboard along side their bouquet or answering phone calls at the crucial moment. As your wedding planner I will assist you in achieving your dream wedding exactly as you've imagined. There will be no pressure from me, only assurance and friendly advice when needed.


Will you help us with the documents?

Yes. Getting married in Cyprus is fairly simple when it comes to the paperwork but I will make sure you know what documents are required, well ahead of time and I will check them with the authorities before you arrive as well as accompany you to declaration and church meetings here in Cyprus. I can also take care of extra copies of certificates, apostiles and translations.


Do you only work with limited suppliers?

It’s a yes and no answer. One of the perks of hiring me as your wedding planner in Cyprus is that I have already established connections with the best vendors. The suppliers I have as my preferred vendors are ones I know personally and have worked with successfully for years. They are the true experts of their fields who I trust wholeheartedly to deliver only the finest services. I’m happy to work with new venues and suppliers and I want to be flexible if you know a supplier you’d love to work with, as long as you’re happy that I have no prior experience with them and can’t be held accountable for the quality of what is delivered.


I want to arrange a hen/stag party, pre/post wedding event, can you help with that too?

Of course! I'd love to work with you to make your whole wedding journey an incredible experience. Who said a wedding should be celebrated for only one day anyway?

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