Allow me to make setting your Cyprus wedding budget stress free so you can fully enjoy the planning process.

When you start to plan your wedding, it wont be long before the subject of money comes up. So how do you go about setting your Cyprus wedding budget? Here’s a few things to keep in mind when discussing your budget and also how to make the most of your money. Having a budget is important, you don’t want to start your married life in debt. It doesn’t mean that your wedding is going to be cheap, by any means. You can set a figure realistic for you and your wedding that will leave you and your bank balance with a healthy glow.



Have an honest discussion about what actually matters to you both as a couple when it comes to your Cyprus wedding. You don’t want to be spending money unnecessarily on something that’s not important to you or your partner. I know that there can be a lot of pressure when it comes to weddings, possibly from family members who expect your wedding to be a certain way, but be true to yourselves! Your Cyprus wedding budget is personal to you and you should be the ones who decide how to spend it.



Your wedding party can hugely affect your Cyprus wedding budget. It might be your dream to have all your girls or guys with you at the alter, but the cost of suits, hair, make up and flowers can really add up. Some cultures, like at traditional Cypriot weddings, have only a best man and best woman. Honour those closest to you, limit your spending and avoid offending those who don’t make the cut. Another way to minimise the cost of a large bridal party is to have your party choose their own clothes. You can give them a style or colour theme, but other than that it’s free reign!



Food is undoubtedly one of the most important – and costly – things at any wedding. To make the most of your Cyprus wedding budget, eat local! Not only is the food going to be delicious and fresh, you don’t pay over the odds for expensive, imported items. You might not be aware, but Cyprus actually has a great wine industry, too, so you can indulge in some local wines to accompany your meal too. Are you a wine lover? You can even host your wedding in a real working winery!



Plan for the unexpected. It’s only natural that as plans progress, what you want or need might change. So leave yourself a little breathing space, don’t max out your Cyprus wedding budget from the beginning. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that those extra RSVPs are already budgeted for when they come in. If you find yourself with a little left over at the end, treat yourself to something extra special on your honeymoon or talk to me about last minute add ons for some extra WOW effect.



Just as we mentioned, some people might RSVP who you’d never thought would come! So have you really thought about your guest list? When discussing your Cyprus wedding budget something that usually comes up is the guest list. If you’re looking to invite everyone who knows you, then the budget will need to be higher just from the sheer number of mouths to feed and accommodate! With a smaller wedding you’ll find yourself saving on the catering bill however this money can be diverted to something else, such a photography or florals. A small wedding doesn’t need to be minimal if the decoration is an area you are happy to spend on.



While it is your wedding, and your Cyprus wedding budget, you should have open conversations with your parents if they’ve mentioned contributing to the cost. While it’s outdated to still expect the bride’s father to pick up the bill, your plans and timeline could change considerably if your parents, or other family members, would like to help you with the cost of your wedding or honeymoon. As generous as an offer of help it, it’s also practical that you’ll need to know a figure. If it’s an uncomfortable topic, perhaps you could breakdown a list of costs and allow the parents to choose what they’d be happy to cover?

We can tailor make your quote before you pay any deposits, to make sure it’s perfect for you and the purse strings. If you have a clear conversation with each other at the start of planning and have a figure in mind, it will make the whole process easier and clearer for everyone.