'The right shoe can make everything different.'

Jimmy Choo

Shoes… can you ever have enough!? Despite the number of boxes stacked in your wardrobe right now any bride will no doubt be searching for another pair… the perfect pair of shoes to go with the perfect dress.

1. Decide on your style

Are you going for glamorous stilettos, summery wedges or pretty ballerina flats? Once you’ve decided if you’re marrying in heels or not, stick with it! You will get your dress tailored in your heels, as most brides will wear the show stoppers for the ceremony. But what happens when you kick those off and trade in for some practical sandals for the rest of the day? All the time and money spent on alterations is worthless, as you’ll now be wearing a dress that could be as much as 3 inches too long for you. This is going to destroy the flattering silhouette your dress once gave you and also become a nuisance for you as it’s a serious trip hazard! Those extra inches dragging around on the floor might leave your dress in a state that you can’t wear it again, something bearing in mind if you’re intending to have day after photo sessions or second parties in different locations or for guests unable to attend the actual date.

2. Can't I have both?!

Well… if you’re going to have two pairs of shoes why not two outfits!? It’s becoming popular for brides to have ‘convertible’ dresses where large sections are removed for the evening or an entirely separate second look for the party. Have the sky scraper sandals for the ceremony to complete your glamorous look and dare to bare some skin in a mini dress paired with ballerinas to dance the night away in. Of course in some cases, you just wont want to take off your dream dress a minute earlier than you have to! In this case going from a heel to a wedge might make things easier on your feet and still have your dress falling perfectly.

3. Consider the venue & your guests

Are you getting married on a beach or a lush lawn? No one wants to be sinking their way down the aisle and guests appreciate the advance info too! There are invisible rubber ends for stilettos so there are ways round it but in most cases it’s best to avoid stilettos on sand and grass.

4. Making a statement?

Do you want to be the timeless, blushing bride dressed all in white but still want it to be ‘you’? Make a statement or express your personality through your shoes! They can be your something blue, or they could tie in to your colour scheme and match your grooms tie. One step further, bride and groom could rock matching converse! A splash of colour always makes for a stunning photo and it’s something unexpected, give your guests something to talk about.

And a sixpence in her shoe!

Ever wondered where this tradition came from? It’s thought to have begun in the Victorian era when a sixpence would be placed in the brides shoe as a way to ensure wealth and good fortune for the couple!