'I loved him in a million shades of every colour the heart can see.'

Ranata Suzuki

The people most important to you in your life will also be the ones stood closest to you on your big day, and often their outfits are a reflection of the whole wedding theme. But how do you decide? Do you stick with tradition and give each bridesmaid an identical dress or do you keep the colour the same and allow the style to vary? Have you always pictured the men in sharp tux’s or do you want to relax with shorts? Here is where we look at two of the biggest bridal party trends I see as a wedding planner in Cyprus: colourful or classic.

Your bridal party clothes are something to spend a little time on and make sure you get right. You wouldn't rush to choose your wedding dress or compromise if it wasn't going to make you look and feel totally fabulous, so proceed with the same caution when looking for bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suits. That said, you should be able to have fun with it too! Organise shopping trips or inspiration evenings with the girls and take your time. Before stepping in to a boutique, decide what vibe you'd like to go for and what you'll be happy surrounding yourself with on the big day. As your wedding planner in Cyprus I'll guide you through creating the overall look and theme of your day so your wedding will be perfectly coordinated and therefore all the more elegant and luxurious.

Colourful & Coordinated

Black & White

What could be more classic then black and white for a wedding? Instantly it adds an element of formality and glamour. The groom can still stand out with a custom buttonhole or a contrasting bow tie and you can play with fabrics too, his jacket could have silk or velvet details for extra definition.

For the girls, who said you can’t wear white to a wedding! Your and your girls will look like a group of heavenly angels, descending down the aisle in clouds of white. This is the perfect base for any colour of flowers too, use it as a clean foundation and allow colourful flowers to pop or maintain the classic feel all the way through with all white blooms; don't forget the ribbons on your bouquet can be used to add colour and texture too. These small details are things which make all the difference and it's why you have booked me to be your wedding planner in Cyprus! I thrive on making sure everything is thought of and every opportunity for beauty and uniqueness is exploited.

Using attire to define roles

Do you want to ensure your maid of honour stands out a little? Or highlight your best man amongst the groomsmen? You can also use colour or texture here to signify different roles. Your maid of honour could wear white, hello Pippa Middleton, or she could wear a different shade of the colour your bridesmaids are in? Perhaps she could wear the same colour in a different fabric for something that is inclusive but subtly different at the same time.

Finding the same dress in both adult and children sizes and styles is almost impossible. So don't feel too pressured to keep the consistency across the ages too. The little ones look angelic in fluffy white dresses and mini bow ties and makes them feel special too. It is important to make sure they're comfortable, though, it's a big day for them too and an uncomfortable toddler isn't fun for anyone on the big day. (Trust me, I'm a wedding planner!)

Why do we have bridesmaids?

The tradition of bridesmaids in Western culture is based upon ancient brides hoping to confuse and deter jealous suitors and evil spirits with identically dressed women.