For many, the appeal of a destination wedding is the thought of saying I do by the ocean, with the sand between your toes. While this is certainly achievable, beach weddings in Cyprus can offer so much more! Do you want a relaxed affair with a BBQ or a more elegant soiree while watching the sunset?

bride and groom by the sea


Set the scene with your beach wedding venue in Cyprus.

Beach weddings in Cyprus, by their nature, tend to lack a certain aspect of privacy. This is due to the fact that all beaches in Cyprus are municipal, meaning no one venue or person can own or close a beach. This said, there are so many options we have when it comes to finding the perfect beach venue. Some venues are placed perfectly for stunning sea views, still giving you those gorgeous sunsets and dreamy blue backdrops, while also giving you privacy with exclusive use. For others, a relaxed informal wedding will go hand in hand with some of the semi-private venues. These give you the on the sand location and lower venue fees while still ensuring the area reserved for your wedding is set up just for you, away from other diners or guests.

Some people choose to wed on the sand and then continue their beach weddings in Cyprus at a separate venue, this gives variation to your day, and you can combine numerous styles this way. Perhaps you dream of a beach wedding in Cyprus, but don’t want to eat on the beach? Then this combination is ideal for you, allowing you to make the most of what Cyprus has to offer.

arch on the beach
beach sunset

Planner's favourites:

Luxury beach - Coral Residences

Sea views without the sand - Alassos

Off the beaten track - Sea Caves


How to infuse the beach theme in to your day

beach theme decor

Beach weddings in Cyprus give you so many choices when it comes to colours and themes. Generally, the venues are all open air, so there’s not much existing décor to clash with.

Why not embrace the setting and go for a nautical theme? If that’s not quite your thing you can still keep the coastal vibes with something unusual like coconuts and corals.

You can also have beautiful florals for beach weddings in Cyprus, there are some venues which lend themselves to luxurious receptions that we can adorn with large arrangements and statement pieces.




Get the practical stuff out the way now to enjoy a care-free celebration

Beach weddings in Cyprus offer beautiful settings and lots of style choices as we’ve seen, but there are some practicalities to keep in mind. Some couples worry about the proximity to the sea if they have young children in the party, however you’re often not right at the water’s edge! So any wandering little ones will be spotted long before they’re close to any danger.

Depending on the time of year, you may want to offer pashminas in the evening, as it can be breezy right on the shore. These can be coordinated with your theme and double up as stylish favours.

Shoes! Heels and sand don’t mix, so just make sure you let your guests know they’ll be on sand. This is also another reason to offer flip flops on the dance floor!

Meet me on the beach?