See what's new for next year with 2022 destination wedding trends.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, bookings for destination weddings have seen an increase for 2022 and beyond. Couples are planning amazing celebrations in great locations, like Cyprus, for their friends and family to enjoy. Here are some of the hottest trends we're expecting to see and personally I can't wait to see these in action in weddings in Cyprus. Inspired? Get in touch and let's plan your destination wedding!


Never heard of a sequel wedding? Well you’re about to hear a lot more about them in 2022. Those couples who chose to tie the knot during the height of the pandemic and couldn’t celebrate with family or friends or have the wedding they’d been planning are definitely making up for lost time. Couples married during covid are going to be throwing the receptions they weren’t allowed to have the first time round and to make it extra special, many are choosing to have it coincide with their first anniversaries.

Sequel weddings aren’t only for during the pandemic, I’ve seen many other cases such as interfaith marriages where there are two religions which require very different celebrations, or weddings which have to take place within certain time restrictions for visa purposes.




Inspired by the sustainable theme (which you’ll know is a fave of mine) things no longer need to be green to ‘be green’. Dried flowers come in some wonderful hues, some of which are just perfect for an autumn inspired wedding. However that’s not the only season it suits. The burnt orange colours can wonderfully reflect the hot dry Cyprus summers and by adding a few light elements to the table scape such as coordinating candles, we can lift the whole mood to fit a spring affair. As you’ll know, we use less fresh blooms for a sustainable table scape and rely heavily on other aspects such as the crockery or linens, and with the earthy palettes, this is no exception. Don’t be afraid to go bold and play with colour here!



More time to save and more time to research has led to people wanting something ‘wow’ on their day, especially if the celebration has been a long time in the making. Whether it’s something that can reflect the culture or tradition of either the bride or groom or just something you’re passionate about, the entertainment can really change the atmosphere of the occassion. Think bongo drums for an African element, the full zaffeh from Jordanian and Lebanese culture or live portrait artists for the cultured couple.



Covid or not, zoom weddings are a way to include people who can’t travel for whatever reason. Possibly elderly grandparents can’t make the trip or couples with young families would find the logistics of a destination wedding too trying. You can still include everyone at the time with a zoom set up. It’s also a way for you to have the intimate wedding you’ve always wanted and still help others feel included. Some people have the set up for the ceremony or you could choose to have the speeches and first dance live streamed too.



Remember Bridgerton? The wedding world does! As we are preparing for season two, engaged couples have been opting for regency style weddings since last year. Whether you want to have a whole themed affair or just subtle touches, there are lots of aspects from the Regency era we can incorporate to your wedding. Just the colour of regency blue alone adds more depth and texture to your décor. It’s a pale tone, so it’s perfect if you don’t want a bold wedding aesthetic but do want some colour in there. With the blue skies and seas of Cyprus, it’s the perfect accompaniment. You can go the extra mile with lots of thoughtful details reminiscent of the time. Think calligraphy, vintage jewels, china sets, puff sleeves and bridal flats.



Slightly contradicting the Bridgerton inspired weddings we’re introducing the Little White Dress. Whether it’s due to micro weddings, destination weddings, elopements or fashion conscious ladies, brides have their reasons for choosing a less than traditional gown. We’ve seen some great bridal jumpsuits and two pieces and now the mini dress is having it’s turn. Perfect for hot summer soirees and informal celebrations, you can really make your mark with a LWD.



Seize the moment! People are realising how precious time is and are organising a once in a lifetime trip away with their extended families to celebrate love in general! Of course the real celebration will be your wedding, but when else will you have the chance to see all your loved ones in such an environment?

Believe it or not, covid restrictions at home have meant more couple have opted for a destination wedding in a location that has lower case rates and easy entry requirements... like Cyprus!