See what's new for next year with 2021 destination wedding trends.

Despite Covid-19 ,bookings for destination weddings have seen an increase for 2021 and beyond. Couples are planning amazing celebrations in great locations, like Cyprus, for their friends and family to enjoy. Here are some of the hottest trends we're expecting to see and personally I can't wait to see these in action in weddings in Cyprus. Inspired? Get in touch and let's plan your destination wedding!



Everyone is hugely aware of the problems we are facing as a globe when it comes to protecting and preserving our environment. This passion is now flowing over in to the destination wedding industry and couples are prioritising their eco footprint when planning their weddings, too. I am all for this eco wedding move and I am so lucky to be a wedding planner in Cyprus where I’m able to work with venues and suppliers who share this incentive. See this post for more details and inspiration to turn your celebration green.



Since you’re on an island with palm trees and crystal seas, bring the exotic to your celebrations with a theme bar. This can be something tropical or something local to Cyprus. It’s a talking point and a great photo op as well as a feature sure to be enjoyed by you and your guests. Is gin your thing? Or maybe you’d prefer a tiki beach experience! Customise your refreshments for a cool and appreciated destination wedding twist. It's also another way to reinforce a theme or style that you're trying to achieve through your decor. Everyone needs a drink at a wedding so take the necessities to the next level with this 2021 destination wedding trend.



There will always be a place for beautiful, rustic celebrations, however 2021 destination wedding trends are all about high glamour affairs. Imagine a pre or post wedding pool party styled with old Hollywood, vanity fair inspiration. Different decor themes allow guests to dress differently and experience a whole other side to your personality as a couple, through the celebrations you host. How about bringing the quintessential English garden to your wedding with a luxurious afternoon picnic? Think overflowing hampers with champagne, over sized floor cushions and wide brimmed hats as favours? There's always Great Gatsby for the ultimate vintage glamour, too. Your destination wedding in Cyprus can be anything but ordinary with glamorous styling ideas!



Couples are seeking a venue that will give them a magical and authentic experience. Beach wedding locations are forever popular however there is often so much more to a country than it’s coastline and this is especially true when it comes to Cyprus. There are mountain hideaways and sleepy villages, wineries and golf estates to consider when planning a destination wedding in Cyprus. Hosting your wedding in one of these locations adds a touch of local culture to your event and gives you unique memories and photographs.



How often will you have your friends and family together in a gorgeous foreign location? Make the most of everyone being here and of course, your wedding celebrations, by hosting a few events over the week or weekend that you’re here. Is your wedding a black tie affair? How about mixing it up with a bare foot beach party as a welcome? A post wedding brunch is also a great way to ensure you get to spend quality time with your loved ones as sometimes it’s so hard to see everyone on the day itself. As your destination wedding planner I can help you organise your nuptials and any other celebrations you desire.